CAN-BIKE British Columbia – TRI M Sports & Consulting Ltd. Statement in regards to

COVID-19 / Corona Virus Pandemic


Good evening, I wish to advise the position of CAN-BIKE British Columbia – TRI M Sports & Consulting Ltd operational position on the COVID-19 pandemic.

I refer to the information provided by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.



I have been watching the COVID-19 virus, Corona Virus, as most of the world has been doing.

This last 60 days, the world has changed, and it’ll likely get worse better before it gets better.

Cycling instruction does, at times requires to be close and actually be in physical touch contact with the rider. There are times when the instructor is required to hold the bike so the rider can balance and relax, thereby obtaining the understanding of the particular action, and with the understanding comes the confidence to successfully master the action.

This brings the instructor and rider/student/client within the 6 feet/ 2 meter separation zone strongly suggested by the medical professionals.

Currently the cycling instruction that the company can provide is being suspended until at least June 01 2020. At that time the situation will be revisited and reviewed in direct coordination with the information supplied by the BC CDC.

The expert cycling consulting side of the company, TRI M Sports & Consulting Ltd., will be available during this time.

We wish to thank all those that have looked at and chose and will choose CAN-BIKE British Columbia – TRI M Sports & Consulting Ltd as their cycling instruction of choice.


Safe Ride Home.

Chuck Glover

Senior Instructor

CAN-BIKE British Columbia


TRI M Sports & Consulting Ltd.

Maple Ridge BC CANADA